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Vinyl waterproof decks are a great way to add a touch of colour to your backyard while creating a durable, long-lasting and waterproof surface. Installed by certified, trained Tufdek® installers, our Tufdek® and Econodek® products offer a variety of attractive colours and textures. Tufdek® has developed leading edge technology and created the only true surface protection for vinyl decking. Nothing improves the wear resistance, stain resistance, UV protection and clean-ability of vinyl deck membranes more than “Scuff Guard” — an industry first and Tufdek® has it! Visit us in Port Coquitlam to see some of our showdecks.
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Cool Step™ Floor Protection for Waterproof Decking

Enjoying your waterproof sundeck on a sunny day can be so relaxing, but sometimes that outdoor surface can get hot. For those of you who like to sit on your sun-exposed deck on those 100-degree days, you will find the deck can be a bit toasty on the toes. This is common with many surfaces exposed to direct sunlight; think about running across a sandy beach or sitting on the seats in your car on a hot day. Some products just hold heat more than others. Everyone knows that dark colours will retain heat, and light colours do a better job of reflecting the harmful UV rays. For those of you concerned about excessive heat build-up beneath your waterproof deck or structure we recommend Tufdek® Cool Step™ designs. These cool products provide unique solar reflective characteristics which help make your outdoor experience on the hottest days even more enjoyable. Look for the Cool Step™ logo on select Tufdek® waterproof vinyl deck colours and choose a product that stays cooler in the sun.

A Cool Step™ vinyl decking colour is designed to be both highly reflective and highly emissive, transferring less heat into the building and helping keep your deck cooler.

Cool Step™ products provide benefits in all climates:

  • Cool Step™ vinyl decking products have higher reflectivity and emittance and can be 70 degrees cooler during hot summer days when compared with traditional darker vinyl decking materials.
  • Cool Step™ vinyl decking can save money and energy at the hottest moments of the day, when used on decks over habitable living spaces — typically mid-day when electricity demand and costs are the highest.
  • Cool Step™ waterproof vinyl decking can help reduce the urban heat-island effect by reflecting solar heat rather than absorbing and transferring it to the building’s interior.
  • By keeping moisture out while reflecting harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation, a Cool Step™ deck by Tufdek® can help protect the underlying substrate from deterioration and rot.