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Protect Your Property-Salting & Snow Removal Services

Ensure your driveways, walkways, parking lots, and the rest of your property are properly taken care of this winter with the help of Atlas Vinyl Sundecks Ltd. We offer snow removal and salting services for school districts, commercial customers, and municipalities throughout the Lower Mainland and the Valley.


If you are interested in our services, please contact us to set up a schedule. Atlas Vinyl Sundecks Ltd. will keep your property safe during these colder months.

Ensure Safe Surface Conditions with Atlas Sundecks Ltd.

Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner, the safety of your family, patrons, and employees should be your highest priority, and especially so during the winter months. The last thing you need is to have someone suffer an injury from a slip or fall due to a preventable problem such as an icy sidewalk or parking lot. Additionally, such an injury could lead to a lawsuit that could cost you and your business time and money.

Take proactive measures with a contract for salting and snow removal services from Atlas Vinyl Sundecks Ltd.

Avoid Damage to Parking Lot and Sidewalk Surfaces

Using the wrong equipment could potentially result in severe damage to your surfaces. We are trained and equipped to preserve your surface while providing effective ice and snow removal service.

Maintain Your Daily Business Routine

When snow/ice storms occur, you should be able to maintain your focus on operating your business rather than spending time and effort clearing your parking lot and front entrance. Let’s put a plan in place before the next storm hits. Call us today for snow and ice removal.

Install Your Sundeck

Transform your outdoor living space.

Choose Your Colours

Waterproofing systems come in a variety of colours.

Client Reviews

Read what our customers are saying about us.

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